Sunday, 3 July 2016

Keith Butterfield... OK Cupid Scammer

Keith Butterfield... OK Cupid Scammer

Keith claims he is geologist from West Virginia USA.

He is 58 and has a daughter in Australia, she is engaged.

Divorced 9 years ago... then got a girlfriend ! After 7 months she moved in with him and whilst he was out of town the wicked woman stole everything and left him with nothing. Cleared the bank account out and everything... Awww......

''Listen babe...we are working on a new project here and it is building a new Chevron oil and gas site. So where do you expect that to be?''
Supposed to be in a nice hotel... taking the bus to the site every day....

Then...guess what.. that site actually isn't in Georgia... it is in 
WEST AFRICA !!! Who would have guessed !

And.. guess what.. his cousin needs some money sent !! $50 ( usually a small amount as a test).

Now... if he is sent $300 he will send $350 back for her for gas for her car ! (''I will add $50 for you on Thursday so you can get gas in your car. So that will make $350 for you. And oh, you do not need to thank me for that'')

Send to:Adams MichaelSo, City: ikeja...State: Lagos...Country: Nigeria...ipcode: 23401Please send it urgentWestern Union
From the women who spoke to him

''Of course he used our favorite words TRUST ME'' (It's a bit of a joke at Scamhaters United... as it always means the opposite ! 
So there you have it... Keith Butterfield.... Scammer...
Keith Butterifeld on Scamhaters Utd

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