Sunday 31 December 2023

One Minute Warnings Of Ones to Watch ~ GREG GONZALEZ

One Minute Warnings Of
Ones to Watch

If you are contacted by these pictures you are not talking to the person in them.

You are talking to a scammer that has stolen them.

IS FAKE. Using the stolen 
pictures of Greg Gonzalez. 
+1 706 810 0395 (Google Voice) 

Says Peacekeeping off the 
'Cost of Mexico'! 

i meet this guy by the name of holly gonzalez off of a dating site around march 2019 and he talked about coming home to me and getting married. he tricked me in two sending him thousands of dollors and believing his lies. then my niece had a bad feeling about it and decided to do a little research and found this. then when I confronted him about it, he was done talking about it and didn't think it was gonna work out any longer. I told him to video chat and gave me excuses that it was two late. told me that his wife died of cancer and that his parents was gone and he was from new mexico. all the he had was his late uncle that died not to long ago. and is now saying that its all lies and it not true that he got injure in the air force and that he just wanted to get home. his number is a new jersey number and is +1 973 996 8012. PLEASE LADIES DONT FALL FOR THIS MAN AS FOR I JUST DID

Hola, les cuento estaba en una red social y una persona que se hace llamar Alex Reyes de Usa supuestamente militar y está en misión en el Cairo Egipto, dice que quiere conocaerme y tener una relación.... Que desea venir a conocerme pero debo ayudarle con los tiquetes aéreos mientras el Esta aquí con 1500 usd. Solicite su información y da lo siguiente:Name - NEADAL BASHIR FILEEN City - Cairo Country - Egypt Zipcode - 11311 usa el siguiente número de teléfono +20 101 561 6482.. obvio que es un farsante y quiere estafar.... Nada es tan fácil. Dejo está información por si sirve de alguna ayuda.
Anonymous21 June 2019 at 06:12
Hello, I tell you I was in a social network and a person who calls himself Alex Reyes de Usa supposedly military and is on a mission in Cairo Egypt, says he wants to meet me and have a relationship .... He wants to come to know me but I must help you with air tickets while he is here with 1500 usd. Request your information and give the following: Name - NEADAL BASHIR FILEEN City - Cairo Country - Egypt Zipcode - 11311 uses the following telephone number +20 101 561 6482 .. Obviously he is a fraud and wants to cheat .... Nothing is so easy. I leave this information in case it helps.

this guy contacted me on speaky, a language exchange social network, he made a short videocall on whatsapp with the number: (44)7770770496. We continued talking, the same bullshit of falling in love, getting married, so I came to the internet. Please be careful ladies!! The name he is using on Speaky is: Gonzalez C. and he says his name is Christian Gonzalez. He told a story about his parents died years ago, he's from Italy and a priest took him to USA and he only has his aunt who lives also in Miami. He sent lots of pictures and videos trying to prove he wasn't fake. If you found this, I'm glad you did! And thanks for the information above!!

This guy contacted me on instagram. I of course knew that he wasn't legit. I knew when ever he told me about him being in an air force staff sergeant he was fake. I went along with it, just to get him going, but he is now going by the name gregonze on instagram. I got him to send pictures so that I could research them later on, but he did provide a phone number. 6107138721. He asked for my personal number and I told him that I wouldn't be providing that information. I have reported him as well as another account I found when searching the pictures that where sent, but I can't remember the name. i reported it also. He gave me the story that his wife cheated on him and he only had his mom and sister. I have done a search on the phone number and it comes back from Pennsylvania as a verizon carrier with the name of Leonor.

Have been speaking from Instagram some one by Curtis Gonzalez email is curtizgonz2k@gmail stated his wife cheated on him and his parents are dead and that he is an engineer contractor is now in china wanted to me even offered to by me a plane ticket to china but when I started questioning him about his profile got upset the 631 number is in suffolk county ny Near where I am he has my cell phone number and looked up my address I asked him for an address stated he lives in Boston massachusetts but it was bogus and question him on that did speak to him on the phone and did hear a dog try to do face time but it looked like him but got cut off and he has an accent like middle eastern

I am speaking to a Tim Gonzalez using the same photos. I met him on a dating site he wanted to go to hangouts he says he is in Syria and he lost his mom and dad in a car wreck and he has his brother and he lives in Tennessee. I have his number as 631 403 023

I've been scammed by someone @MarkEga61040452 on Twitter used his pictures, His name Mark gonzalez use this email
He asked me to email his commander

He contacted me on Hinge which is the dating app. He is going by the name of Desmond Gonzalez Diego. The story is that his wife died 4 years ago of blood cancer and his mother, father, and brother died 7 years ago in a crash going to London.

He is using email as well as Hangouts number +17812879508. He initially contacted me on WhatsApp but said Hangouts was better.

He said he hasn't spoke to his daughter in sometime because she lost her phone and I offered to help. He said she lived with a Nanny in West Virginia and the Nanny does not contact him often.

He did scam me out of $1200 for a phone to his daughter.

Beware. He speaks good English and spoke of getting married soon. He wants his lawyer to draft up paperwork for it.

wilsongon01 on IG..he is on WhatsApp using +1 424 365 5542. He is saying his Name is Richard Gonzalez

He is on tinder, gonzalez, 41 using this phone number +1 (678) 718-5361 on WhatsApp. Told me he’s in Sudan, but based in Bristol UK which made me suspicious because there are no bases in Bristol! Then he said he has a 13 year old son who lives in the USA with a friend because his wife cheated on him and she now lives in Germany with her new man lol. Then he said he has close to $1 million left when his parents died... it sounded too good to be true given how gorgeous he is so when he said he had to go out on patrol I decided to google reverse search his picture and what do ya know! God same catfish if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it’s a duck !!

Well heis now Ben gonzals, widowed and has a daughter in dubai because she is hunted by talibans. didnt ask for money yet but that must be coming. goes by email capbengonzales on gmail and is on +1(908)827-2144

he found me in a dating site and he is saying his name is David Gonzalez  +234 813 877 251

He messaged my mom as Dillard Arroyo Gonzalez and tried to scam my mom out of money luckily I saw through all his lies

why couldn't it be true..26 September 2018 at 05:54
He is now going by the name of "Brent Gibbs" and also has profiles on Facebook and Twitter under "Harry Gonzalez". He is also contacting through Gmail as and using google voice...yes, I had fallen for it until I did the reverse search on the photo's. {I can also say the person can write and speak in English very well}

Friday 29 December 2023

One Minute Warnings Of Ones to Watch... Brian Matthiasen

 One Minute Warnings

Of Ones to Watch

Brian Matthiasen

If you have been contacted by these pictures .. you have not been contacted by the person
in them but by the
scammers that have stolen them.
You will be asked for cash/cards/goods or money services.

Here used as Frank Dalton

Here used as Stefano Martino