Sunday 31 July 2016

MATA THOMAS .. Mystery Puppy !


Any Rat-Catchers reading this would know immediately who this will be ... he has been on ScamHaters United so many times and not even cute dogs can disguise who this man will be.

Of Course it's the Mata Man !!! Photographs very well used in Romance Scamming.

It seems a new way to go in scamming now to have pretty pictures and no pictures of a man and STILL women will accept their Friend Request... I am astonished every time.

If a man knocked on your door with a brown paper bag over his head would you let him in? No !

This is the same ! Only you'll let this one in, let him tell you he loves you and send him money!!!

THINK ! PLEASE... THINK...Papillons and a Basset Hound... they are your man with brown bag on his head ! Watch he doesn't turn into your worst nightmare !

He's just another African on a laptop !

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