Friday 29 July 2016




Divorced... they like this one... I will bet that his wife slept with his best friend.. so many have !!! Maybe even his best friend from High School. !

This man must be sending out hundreds of Friend Requests... I have had so many reports of women who have heard from him in the last few days. 

At least they have the names the right way around. 

1. Bare Bones Profiles... nothing to make them personal at all and everyone's got something personal 

2. Contacting women.. it's a sad fact that all the men contacting women are Fake.. that's a big claim but when was the last time you met a genuine one? 

3. All women Friends List. This is a sure sign.. someone who is genuine has a mixed Friends List....  A SCAMMER DOESN'T.

Again, you aren't speaking to anyone whose real name is Robert Williams.. these are stolen pictures and fake names..

 you are talking to an African on a laptop ready to run to Western Union or Moneygram to get YOUR money. 

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