Wednesday 27 July 2016

DAVID WORKMAN.. don't mess with the JuJu


This is a warning of a SCAMMER PROFILE with a twist and a HUGE warning to avoid it.

Yes, they are scammers... horrible people who prey on others. These though are selling JUJU.. the African Black Magic. It is something the Africans take very seriously.

So the list is this. 

You are hard to find the right solutions for all your problems? You do not need to hide your problem, because if you do, you will never find a solution. so I advise you to visit a spiritualist today. 
Contact us today and get all your problems solved. 
Financial problems, marriage problems, court case, money spell that never your problem, confront them, if you're interested, you can contact us Email: 
(1) Do you want to cure your cancer? 
(2) If you always have bad dreams? 
(3) Do you want to be promoted in your workplace / office? 
(4) You want women / men to run after you? 
(5) If you want a child? 
(6) Do you want to be rich? 
(7) Do you want your husband / wife to be yours forever? 
(8) If you want your ex back? 
(9) If you want to stop your divorce? 
(10) If you want to divorce your husband / wife? 
(11) If you want your wishes to be granted? 
(12) Pregnancy spells to conceive 
(13) treatment of any disease 
(14) Stop your marriage or relationship from disintegration. 
These to just used to be the email scams that they sent out in their thousands... but Africans really believe in the power of the JuJu.. the Black Magic and there are still practising Shaman still all over Africa... they still do animal and human sacrifice... they are evil. 

Pure evil because they thing this absolute idiocy really works.

Don't mess with them. if you get one of these just delete and I think it is the worst possible form of cruelty to put this lovely soldier's pictures with this evil.
On no account ever 'play' with are not dealing with a straightforward scammer rat.

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