Monday 29 April 2024

One Minute Warnings of Ones to Watch...... Palacio

One Minute Warnings
Ones to Watch


If you have been contacted by these images... you have not been contacted by the person in them, but by scammers who have stolen them from real identities for their own benefit. They will ask you for cash, prepaid cards or bank transfers, deposits, investments, purchases of metals or bitcoins.


Susan Palacio Fake Passport 

Thursday 25 April 2024

One Minute Warnings of Ones to Watch ..... Will Parfitt

 One Minute Warnings

Ones to Watch

Will Parfitt

If you have been contacted by these images... you have not been contacted by the person in them, but by scammers who have stolen them from real identities for their own benefit. They will ask you for cash, prepaid cards or bank transfers, deposits, investments, purchases of metals or bitcoins.


Wednesday 24 April 2024

Aiden Jones is a fake account using the stolen pictures of Dr Chad Wagner. Full scam format! Fake package He is an orphan, in Yemen, fake package scam, frozen bank account. EVERY LIE IN THE SCAMMER'S BOOK +1 (865) 232-2012.

I'm a victim of this scammer, he pretended to be using the name Aiden Jones, he asked me to follow him on Instagram, it took me a while to accept, I thought it was strange, but after about 10 days, I decided to accept and start talking.
He is
I found it interesting because how I was going to live abroad was someone I could get to know and practice my English with, but things took a different direction. He said he wanted me to know better and for me to be “already here”.
Days later he asked me to change WhatsApp and I didn't see any problems. He began to tell the story that he worked in the health area of ​​the American exercise and that he was on a mission in Somalia, that he had been born in an orphanage and that soon after he went to the exercise and died in Texas, Dallas.
At that time he had a best friend who was at the camp with him, Fred's name. One day, he had an emergency announcement about a mission and Fred was with him. I was super worried, until then I had no suspicions because I always took it as a joke because I was just practicing my English with him.
But that day, I was worried about this mission, which was to save American soldiers who had been kidnapped by terrorists, and his friend was also going to go. He said he would probably come back the same day and that's what happened. At the end of the day he called me and informed me that they had a career, but that his best friend was dead.
Anyway, he said that his friend had left his wife and son, and that the bureaucracy for payment would take time and he asked me for help to make a transfer from his account, because he could have problems, to his wife in a love of 20,000 thousand dollars and I did it on my cell phone. When I opened the account I had almost 1,400,000 dollars.
I got scared and started to suspect, how someone who barely knew me would ask me to make a transfer and see the values, but ok.
The other day, he presented me with a letter saying that the bank found the transaction suspicious and that he would have to appear in person to unblock it.
Soon after, he said that his general had commended everyone who was on the mission and that he wanted to show me something, and he saw a photo of a pot with stones and asked me if I knew what it was, at the time I thought: drugs!
Then he told me that his general had shared the mission's reward with those who went and that those pears were rough diamonds and that they were for our future. He always asked me to remain confidential about everything, but I always remained firm because I talk about everything with my daughter, who has always been suspicious.
Shortly after that, days later, he sent me a letter from Secretary of Security Lloyd James Austin and the other General David H. Berger (this one) from the USA requesting that he go to Yemen until his contract ends in August. Then I started researching everything.
Before leaving he woke up and discovered that he had been robbed, that one of the stones had been stolen and that he didn't trust anyone there. He made the decision to send me, but he said “that’s not illegal!” but he convinced me and I just gave him my address.
He told me I would see if I could get a courier to ship it. The next day we spoke and he said that he had found it and that he would ship the order. As he said so, when he returned the day he had bought me a gift for when we met and that in addition to the stones, he gave me a sum of 20,000 thousand dollars plus his documents.
Then I really got nervous, afraid of being arrested, but he always said that he was putting himself at risk by telling me that he could have been arrested, I felt bad and in return I decided to do the same for him, and the delivery would be quick and I would have the confirmation of who he really is by the documents he sent.
Because I started forcing him to prove to me who he was. After 2 days, a logistics company called KTX Express Logistics received an email saying that my package had been detected with a high-value diamond ring and that I needed to pay an insurance fee of 3,555 thousand dollars.
I sent it to him and he told me it was a gift and that he wanted to send a surprise and he didn't have any more money. I said that I couldn't help financially and that this was his responsibility because I had never asked him for anything, so I started investigating everything, until I found the real Chad Wagner with whom he got in touch and this page that I write now.
As a result, he still talks to me saying that he's going to be arrested for this, and that I didn't want to help because he asked me for help, so I proved to him that since we started our dialogue I had provided proof of who he was, but he Then he sent me photos (these were the ones I got from all the true sources)... He says this injury is because I did what I did and abandoned him. I still talk to him to see if I can report everything, I have an email from him at and he contacts me at +1 (865) 232-2012.

Tuesday 23 April 2024

George Ryan is a scam using Brandon Burleson. Please do not send money to ANYONE

 George Ryan

Using the stolen pictures of Brandon Burleson. The scammer says he is the real one and everything BRANDON IS FAKE.

Of course... 'George Ryan ' does not exist and they say 48! 'Age is just a number' .. they make the man as old as they can say to match the age age of the victim, or to make the age gap smaller.

Navy_Michael is the account on Telegram

This scammer does attempt voice calls but of course not they are not a true American accent.

Worse when the scam is ending the scammer makes threats when the money stops (as many of the do). They say they can track you! (Please don't give in to these criminals making threats)

A daughter in a Boarding School in Paris. (Daughter has a nanny in the Boarding School! That never happens).

The usual when he is coming to see you FAKE travel ticket. (Commander) (daughter)

Read this factual rule. If you operate Social Media using this rule, you WILL remain Scam Free! * Each time you receive a friend request (or follow request) from a STRANGER
(no matter how beautiful they look!) they will ALWAYS be either a scammer OR a pervert. 100% of the time!

There are no exceptions!
DO NOT ever accept a friend request from someone that you don't know. I personally think this rule is so incredibly EASY to do, but yet people continue to respond to strangers. Every victim always wants to know HOW can we stop these scammers?

EASY - I say! Just STOP RESPONDING TO STRANGERS! If you take their audience away.........guess what? They have no one to scam!

American military members don’t have time to be socializing with you.

No member of the U.S. military has their bank account frozen for any reason (lost wallet or ID is the most common lie).
U.S. military members are allowed to use social media. They are not encouraged, commanded, or forced to use Google Chat, Google Chat, or any other chat app for “security reasons”.
U.S. military members can and are able to make telephone and video calls. If they have access to the internet, they are able to make those calls.
NOBODY on a “secret mission” will actually contact you and tell you they are on a secret mission. What do you think SECRET means anyway?
U.S. military members don’t pay fines as punishment to their “Commander” (while we’re on that, U.S. military members don’t use the term “My Commander”).
Generals don’t use social media. If they have a social media account, they have an assistant who handles it for them, so they are not contacting YOU on social media.
Military emails end in “” prior to September 30, 2021 but will eventually end with the inclusion of the branch going into 2022. In other words, Army would be “”, Marines would be “” ,etc. Anything ending in .com or Gmail or dot anything else is a scam email address.
U.S. military members don’t use private couriers, diplomats, agents, or shipping services to send their “portfolio” or gold bars/found cash to you or anyone else.
There is no cost or fees to pay for a member of the U.S. military to take leave and it’s not called “vacation” or “vacation leave”. They also don’t need YOU to write an email to the “leave department”.
Soldiers can’t retire or break a contract when they are deployed.
The UN does not have a military. They do not hire individual soldiers (especially Generals, whether retired or not). Military personnel do not answer the UN.
Online contacts of a soldier cannot be appointed “next of kin”, pay for a fiancee’ form, or apply for a marriage certificate from the military
There is no such thing as a “next of kin” form, a “fiancee” form, and the military doesn’t issue marriage certificates.
The Military pays for food, medicine, medical treatment, and all transportation to and from a duty assignment.
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