Monday 25 July 2016

JAMES DAVIDSON.. The romantic controller !


Works at Self Employed (Business) Company 
From Newark, New Jersey
This profile is still sending out Friend Requests... and when I looked he is 'in a relationship' which is worrying.

The scammers behind these pictures are profilic.... been used many times for Romance Scamming.

The pictures are stolen from an artist and photographer Jeremy Lucido.. Learn to Google Image Search there are even Apps now for phones that will do Image Searches for you.. you would find immediately who the real man was and how many times the pictures had been used. 


The scammer is a single dad (of course).. widowed (as usual) and thinks he is a bit of a romantic.

He plays it very charming, roses, love letters and poems (typical lazy scamming because then he doesn't have to write he can copy and paste.

Of course he wants a mother for his children.... playing the sympathy card.

He also likes to be in control.. you have to come off the dating sites... 'so no one else can have you'... meaning, he is the only scammer getting your money !

Avoid this rat like the plague. He is in a relationship with an older lady yet he is STILL trawling the internet for more fish to hook.

Micheal John Green

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