Wednesday 27 July 2016

How to know it’s a Scammer..

How to know it’s a Scammer...

well... actually, a mile away.

Look, a good looking man contacts you randomly on Facebook. If he pretends to be in the Military, he is FAKE. 100% of military profiles, saying they are living on deployment and contacting women on Facebook are Fakes. Shocking isn’t it.

The military aren’t allowed to have Social Media accounts when they are deployed, stating they are in, say, Kabul..... no exceptions.
For one thing they are far too busy. For another... just imagine you were a terrorist organisation and your enemy was standing up taking selfies and putting them on Facebook.... no, doesn’t happen.

I know it flatters you.... but have a healthy scepticism. 
Think first.

Now.. next thing is... they are either a widow or divorced. More often than not a widow. Male or female, their spouse has died tragically in a car accident.... or some other misfortune. Or cancer... they like cancer. I even once had one whose wife had had cancer and caused her to drive badly and crashed the car !!

Undecided one ! If it’s divorced the wife was caught in bed with his best friend. They have been left with a child/children they adore !!! Sometimes they are looking for a new mother for them.

They love you so quickly. I mean really quickly... then they ask for money. Now, I am going to put on a separate note about the reasons for sending money. There aren’t many and they all use one of a small handful of reasons.

However, look at their profile. Honestly, you can really tell they are fake just by looking I think

Remember... if it seems to good to be true.. then it probably is. 
Part Two:

Does your scammer call you ‘Dear’? Or has some pet name for you? They often do. Do they call you ‘baby’. Very common and they think we like this form of endearment. Or...'my queen' !!! Hate that one ! Then as the scam continues, he will call you 'wife'

This is because they speak to so many women/men it saves them getting the name wrong. One of the scammers listed on this page had 6 ‘Wendy’s liking his pictures... well, that’s one way not to get it wrong ! Just have them all of the same name. The do just type a letter into the Facebook Search and so pick out the likely looking ones in the list alphabetically.

As I said, they will get close to you very very quickly. They will love you... distance is no object. Age doesn’t matter. Of course it doesn’t because you’ll never see them... or meet them. They are only interested in your money.

You want to talk on a video link and not just telephone.... they always have a reason not to ! Phone isn’t working, they aren’t allowed for ‘security’, there isn’t enough signal... etc.

That is because you are not talking to the man in the picture you think you are talking to... you are talking to a youth/man in Africa.

Rarely, but sometimes they have Skype footage of the man they are pretending to be. However, it won’t work properly, they’ll say it’s not a good link so can’t get sound or answer you. 

Part 3.... tomorrow

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