Sunday 31 July 2016



Wayne is a Business who travels all over the world .... at the moment he happens to be in... NIGERIA (you guessed it didn't you ! )

Guess what ... his credit card won't work over there ! (Now this is a lie, your card will work anywhere you are.)

He says he contacted his Bank and they can't do anything, he can't used it until he gets back to the USA (LIES)

Please send $300 : 
Name : Wayne Morgan 
Adderss: 21B Gowon Estate, Ikeja Lagos 
City : Ikeja 
State : Lagos 
Counrty: Nigeria 
Zip code: 23401 
Text Question: In God 
Text Answer: We Trust
Now as you can imagine he is getting nothing... and yet why aren't GHANA POLICE waiting outside every Western Union and arrest them when you come out?

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