Sunday 31 July 2016

Alexandra Oliver

I had received a scam email from

call him on 615-806-6387

About receiving some trunks full of money... 100% risk free of course !

I replied to him that I was unsure.. I mean, he could be anybody...

I want to show you the reply... the disgusting, hyprocritical, lying reply... and this man quotes God at any time he can. 

Greetings to you in the name of God 

I am not disputing your curiosity and feeling of un-known fear. 

Obviously there are many scammers out there without human consciencewho can just do anything just to get quick money that never last andcannot solve their problems. 

Look, I am a reputable man of high and international standard it willbe so discrediting to my credibility if this was a scam or what soeveryou call it and i still have my self involve in it. 

Look I am a devout Christian and my relationship with God matters alot because God is watching all of our activities either good or bad.
I feel bad seeing people doing all kind of silly things just toinfluence innocent people of their hard earn income. 
Please this isnot the same thing as what you may be thinking on the contrary. 

I am not the one that is going to make use of your fee, it is for yourown benefit. 

You have to response your confidence in me and give me your trust andsee if I will fail you. I will prove a point to you and you will latertestify to people that truly good people still exist even in the midstof gullible ones. 

Everything is in your hand and I have told you the sober truth andnothing but the truth. 

My Dear friend  i will advice you to understand that you have nothingto worry about, because am a man of my word and (MY WORD IS MY BOND) 

  As it stands now, all you have to do is reconfirm your full name, 
Phone Number, full address so I can cross-check and see if itcorresponds with the one on the official documents. 

Await your reply ASAP 

Mr Alexander Oliver
This is the  depth that greed with take you 

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