Sunday 31 July 2016



Works at United State Army 
Lives in Dallas, Texas 
In a relationship 
From Dallas, Texas
(Notice United State Army?? Wonder which one? a favourite scammer error )

Real man is Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl,.. who is often on the news in the USA so easily recognisable.

Learn to Google Image Search... because you would learn very quickly that this person's picture is very well known on the internet and you would see his true name.

Look at this name badge.. Bergdahl.... now Africans have a problem with the way we put names, they can never work it out but in parts of Africa they put surname first.... but no US Soldier would.

He is sending out Friend Requests.... no real man does Army or otherwise. A lot of adoring women telling him how wonderful he is. A sure sign it's a scammer.... he must be telling them all how much he loves them.... next it'll be money.

You aren't talking to the soldier in the picture... you are just talking to another African scammer on a laptop.. ready to run down to Western Union to collect your money.

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