Sunday 31 July 2016

Email... Awarded a FAKE $2.7M

Dear Friend:

Your amount credited in the card is $2.7million best regards, The {un]
{ Economic} welfare committee, be informed that you have been awarded
a compensation. A worldwide compensation for the current economic
meltdown. congratulation : I have finally registered your ATM Master
Card with UPS Courier Company Benin Republic this morning after the
agreement to pay you via debit card which will allow you withdrawal
from any automated teller machine around you. as we agreed, and the
delivery will take off immediately you made contact with them based on
my agreement with Ups Director Dr. Nelison White,

Contact them your delivery information as follow,

Your Name-------
Your Home Address-----
Your County-----
Your Age/sex-----
Direct Phone number---
Your Occupation----

Contact Person:
ups Director Dr. Nelison White
Country : Benin Republic
Phone no { +22967586565 }

Once again you have been awarded $2.7million Best Regards,

Mr. Mtongori John
From Federal Government of BeNIN Republic
Contact UPS Express Courier Company Now

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