Saturday 30 July 2016



This wasn't a Facebook scammer... he had been met on a dating site and hasn't been heard of for months... until this morning when he sent an email.

From: "Collins Lewis" <> 
Date: Jul 30, 2016 11:59 AM 
Subject: MY heart for you. 
''Honey this is what i wanna discuss about that is why am asking if i can trust you. i have 25 kg of Gold in insurance company that worth 2.5 million dollars and i have 400 thousand dollars inside it. 
so i have been keeping this alone over 5 months and i realized that i found someone like you that i love and trust so much. i know you will never let me down and you will make me happy and accept me for who i am. so i want to send the package to you and keep it safe till i come home to you darling . 
let me know how you feel about this. before we proceed to get the Diplomatic agent to get it to you Honey. I love you so much honey. 
You are specially made from God to me. I love you so much honey. I love you deeply from the bottom of my heart and soul. And am gonna give you 30 % out of it.. to show my appreciation, We can buy a house and start our business. 
I love you my sweetheart. i wish to hear good news from you honey. 
Your lovely Man 

I don't know if anyone would fall for this....but... the thing is that it's another Advance Fee Fraud.... you will have to pay the famous 'Diplomat' !!!

He says he loves you far too much for it to be anything but funny... and he hasn't been heard of for a long time.

Put it where you should put him... in the BIN.

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