Tuesday 31 May 2016

Dean Stuart Talbot-Bailey

Dean Stuart Talbot-Bailey ... FAKE PROFILE

Happy and blessed with two wonderful boys..they are my Jewel.Combat Engineer..Lieutenant at U.S. ArmyStudied Combat Engineering at US Military CollegeLives in Kabul, AfghanistanFrom Jacksonville, Florida

I believe this rat may be working with Barry Wenger, already posted here.

This is another man's pictures very often used by scammers. 
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To be honest, I have listed a lot here... but I could find literally hundreds of these pictures all with different names.

Harry Boston Google+ Notice : Marin Enginer and lives in los angles
Bright spark this scammer !! 

Harry Walken Google+

Gen Gooden Douglas Bruce

Donald Patrick

Christopher Lomnicki

Chally Oga Notice : Lives in United state !

Micheal Smith (Notice wrong spelling )

Frank Donald .. Disgusting Profile...

Frank Donald... FAKE PROFILE.

This is the worst one I have come across so far. This lovely brave man was Maj Gen Harold Greene and he was killed by an Afhghan soldier in 2014. 

So.... these evil, horrible people have sunk to a new low.
They say about Frank Donald :
Colonel at U.S. ArmyStudied at United States Military AcademyLives in Kabul, AfghanistanWidowedFrom California City, California
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It's time for a reminder..... Scammers in Ghana, look

 at the script in their hands !!! Your lover looks like 

this... and not the nice looking man in the pictures....

MOVICTON WILLIAMS... fake profile.

Works at USA Export Specialists/ Classic Cars
Lives in Orlando, Florida
From Orlando, Florida

Now here's a one that is a bit different.

This dear man says he lives in Florida with his daughter and he is a car dealer.. he'll get you to love him and will call you 'Wife'.

Then he has to go away and buy cars !! Guess where he goes... Ghana... that well known car selling hub !!!

But oh !! When he gets there all his money and credit cards get stolen!! Of course you have to send him money.... to Eric Ofori in Ghana

Well...he isn't pretending to be a soldier !! That's a change. 
Real man in the pictures is an African Rapper (I believe called Davido) .... not a car dealer.

Monday 30 May 2016

Johnson West

Johnson West...... Fake Profile
Sergeant at U.S. Army
Pictures commonly used with many different names. 

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Smith Johnson

Gilbert 44

John Carney

Thomas Ham

Thomas Ham... Fake Profile

The man in the picture is Carter Ham, retired United States General 
On Scamhaters United..https://www.facebook.com/LoveRescuers/posts/595693900597041

Desmond Mixon

Desmond Mixon ... Fake Profile

added on 09/06...... This profile has gone but there is one of https://www.facebook.com/mixon.desmond  .....  Mixon Desmond

Cheeky this one and not nice once he realises he isn't getting any further.

He says he is 47 years old and has a 7 year old son called Henry. Guess what... he's a widow ! Who'd have thought it ! There must be no military wives anywhere !!!

Well, he lost his partner and other family members in a car accident !

He is asking for money to get out of the Navy ! Let's make sure he gets NOTHING !
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On a Japanese Dating site saying he is from Bristol UK

Richard Stephen Rose (James)

Richard Stephen Rose (James) ....FAKE PROFILE

I have listed him on the Profiles using the pictures of Stuart James page.... but this profile is working and successful and has had money.
Facebook Profile
Scamhaters United.. posting

Now this scammer writes to his victims in English and German. I fact, when he gets what he wants he gets the money sent to Germany and requests to send money to Canada as well.

This is where to send the money  
Receivers name: Manuel Holger 
Address: Mainstrasse 1947051, Duisburg, Germany 
Gabriele FleischerSparkasse 
Rose was using the story of the package that had money in it that had to be sent out of Afghanistan as he is ready to leave Kabul. This woman had been talking to 'Rose' for 10 months and was convinced he was real. 

Next step was contact from the (fake) shipping company that was going to be used for the shipment of the box with the money in it. 


Dear Costumer: (deleted)Hello madam, we are sorry for the late reply, here we provide you with one of our pick up agent account detail.Send via bank to bank money transfer to the below account information
Name: Blessing Igiogbe  
Transit number: 05142 
Account number: 50179XX 
Bank name: Royal Bank of Canada 
Bank address: 1104 Albion Road, Etobicoke Ontario M9V 1A8 
Swift code: ROYCCAT2 
Please endeavor to scan the payment slip to this email for immediate confirmation.Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Waru
Please do see below for Ms Blessing Igiogbe... because I am sure we have the face of a scammer's assistant. 
It seems an unusual name and the one I can find on LinkedIn is from Canada... so I am giving the picture here of the girl.

Mark Smith (MarkZoro)

Mark Smith (MarkZoro) 'FAKE PROFILE'

Lives in Charlotte, North CarolinaFrom Charlotte, North Carolina
See here for the pictures of the soldiers with cats. 

Thing is about using pictures of men with tattoos... they all have to be of the same man... ones with different tattoos making it look like the same man 
does not work.

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