Saturday 30 July 2016


Notice BILL RICHARDS in the URL... that is because that is who he was until a short time ago. 

Soldier at United States Army 
Studied at American Military University 
Went to La Marque High School 
Went to New York Military Academy 
I'm simple, lovely, caring, active and God fearing.

Well, thing is about Bill Richards.. he has also been James Richards and Frank Richards... see here for all his details
(A Frank he was deployed on a 'Private Mission to Afghanistan' (so secret he can go on and tell everyone!)

So what does the profile tell us.. Well the first thing is that he can't spell.... HIS OWN NAME. Hello Brain !!! REALLY !!

Do we really need to read on....

Learn to Google Image Search... because you would learn very quickly that his person didn't have a 'Brain' and is indeed just another set of lies to go with a set of stolen pictures. Just another set of African Scammers on Laptops !

There is even a fake wife here that he is saying is the dead wife he misses so much... do not be SCAMMED.. HE IS LYING.

He even has a 'message' for all those out there thinking he may be 100% honest... he isn't.. he is 0% honest !

I believe this guy is on zoosk right now as profile name BobbyT and he just chatted me up and told me his name is Neil Richards Civil Engineer US Army Reserve based on NC.......I'm so disappointed to know he is a scammer!


  1. He is using the name Thomas Richards right now. There are 6 people on his friend profile. I wrote down 5 of them. 1. Summer Brook Maggard, 2. Janice Ogden, 3. Cody Franklin 4. Desi Gryskiewicz 5. Cookie Franklin.

  2. William Richards - same profile

    1. And have you seen how many friends !! Thanks for this... He'll be posted today.

    2. Using Scott Richards now.

  3. I believe this guy is on zoosk right now as profile name BobbyT and he just chatted me up and told me his name is Neil Richards Civil Engineer US Army Reserve based on NC.......I'm so disappointed to know he is a scammer!

    1. If it seems to good to be true as they say !! Yes, poor man is very well used as a Romance Scam bait. Awful for the men used as well.

  4. Wow. I'm blown away by all of this. This guy, "Christopher Briane Richards" from Dallas, TX, contacted me from an online dating site approximately 3 weeks ago...says he's been deployed to South Africa for 3 months and intends on retiring upon his return to The States at the end of January 2018.

    Says his wife is deceased for 7 years now, he's dated no one for seven years as he's dedicated all of his time for his 3 children (he provided names and photos).

    He told me he owns a home Downtown Dallas, gave me an address in Dallas. So what do I do? I Googled the address, see that it's in the middle of a street, no house, no nothing. I laughed when I discovered this...but I couldn't let it end there, I also checked the Dallas County Tax Appraisal Office, no records of him owning a home here.

    I recently received a phone call from him while I was at work, I took the call. He sounded distressed, panicked because suddenly, 'Baby, I'm so stressed out; I lost my wallet on the way to training camp baby' (or bbe as he likes to text). So the next day, another phone call "Baby, please can you help? I have no way to get my Care Package, I need food, I have no ID, no wallet, no way to purchase my Care Package, can you send $500.00?" (Seriously? Seriously?) Um, negative Ghost Rider.

    You see, there's this neat little thing called "Google Image", I have been Google Imaging your pics you send me, from Day 1. it's just a game for me. I love messing with him. I tell him I'm going to send the money or I'm going to give them a credit card #, etc.

    The lies he tells. Unreal. So is this guy a US Soldier or not? Seems like he would be in a world of shit for what he's doing? I wish I could post pics of all of the text messages from this guy "Christopher Briane Richards" for all to see.

    1. No.. first things first you are talking to an African scammers using the man's pictures. (
      They all variations on a theme. Widow.. never dated (as if he'd pick someone up online if he'd been this cautious).
      The lost wallet (stupid), needs money for food (ridiculous)...

      So.. may I please ask you to think of something. It's a game for you. You love messing with him. He is learning by every single piece of chat he has with you. He will be encouraged.. well, I go nothing from this one, but I learned a lot. I'll try it all on the next one, she might pay up !
      Whatever numbers he is using.. he is calling you from Nigeria (some from Ghana, the vast majority are Nigeria).

      They aren't games and it's a HUGE and very serious problem that is underrated. It's helped by women playing with them for fun. It's only when they get nobody to text and call in a panic will this stop.

      So please.. I am asking you very nicely to do the right thing. is our email address if you want to send me anything.

      Look up Military Romance Scams... I have a feeling you might be shocked.


    1. Thank you very much. That will be reported and removed