Tuesday 31 May 2016

Dean Stuart Talbot-Bailey

Dean Stuart Talbot-Bailey ... FAKE PROFILE

Happy and blessed with two wonderful boys..they are my Jewel.Combat Engineer..Lieutenant at U.S. ArmyStudied Combat Engineering at US Military CollegeLives in Kabul, AfghanistanFrom Jacksonville, Florida

I believe this rat may be working with Barry Wenger, already posted here.

This is another man's pictures very often used by scammers. 
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To be honest, I have listed a lot here... but I could find literally hundreds of these pictures all with different names.

Harry Boston Google+ Notice : Marin Enginer and lives in los angles
Bright spark this scammer !! 

Harry Walken Google+

Gen Gooden Douglas Bruce

Donald Patrick

Christopher Lomnicki

Chally Oga Notice : Lives in United state !

Micheal Smith (Notice wrong spelling )

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  1. Already blocked this guy. Just recently he messaged me in hangout using Arant Wilson's (Wilson Andy) name. Glad I google search his photo today. Thank you God!