Friday, 27 May 2016

James Howard

James Howard ...... Link to ScamHatersUtd

James Howard....  Except he isn't really James Howard at all. 
Please read all... a dangerous scammer. 

(Added: Howard has been back in touch with his victim and told her he is a scammer and for $500 he will send her a picture of who he really is.... obviously he won't be getting that). 

Without paying the $500 he has sent her this picture.. no name. 
Now we don't know if it is all true... but if he wants to be associated with being a scammer.... then we should let him !

added 09/06 . they don't give up easily

Because his 'victim' blocked his phone number.. this scammer rang on 

another Nigerian Number..

This is actually Jason Seidon, a very popular and successful author. 
His facebook page is pretty bare but he is contacting women right now and has them believing in him.

He spins a story of needing to buy gold. He has already had $800 that I know of from a victim. She was about to send more.. as soon as he got the first payment he pushed for $250 now and $500 on the 1st of the month.  In return she would meet him in England and they would be married and live off the gold he had bought in Africa !!!! 

Phone number

These are phone cards numbers
This is the information he used in his scamming. 
Please don't forget.... you are not talking to the smooth, good looking man in the pictures... you are talking to a man sat in Nigeria or Ghana on a laptop or phone. 

This is the gold... 

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