Monday 30 May 2016

James Harm

James Harm.. Fake Profile...

Captain general at U.S. ArmyStudied at United States Military AcademyLives in Birmingham, United KingdomWidowedFrom Blackburn
Now James is very security conscious because for security reasons he'll only show you the wall !
Facebook Profile

His first contact was strange... sent me a Friend Request which I never accept anyway...but I'll find out a little on Messenger before blocking them.

'Hi there how you doing ?... that's a nice smile you got there anyways am James and whats ur name ?' (Now, given he loves my smile and sent me a request.. you'd think he'd see my name).
I replied 'Look, I am sorry but I have no idea what you are on about? Had any luck? Knowing more about each other... you don't even have a picture on your page'
so he sent me a picture... of a profile so very well known on dating sites on the internet.

'Been on here just aproximatly 3 days but nothing yet .. Still just making new friends but i hope meet my better half soon.. Well do you mind telling me a bit about your beautiful self ?. At least something new besides what i have read on ur profile.My good friend who is also a Marine CAPTAIN and introduced me to facebook to give it a go since he has acquire his soul mate right from that site and now they are happily married.'
Oh  and guess what, he is widowed with a son

'My wife died with one of my daughter all together in a flight accident some years ago.Till now that I began seeking for a woman of my life again to see if i might be fortunate for I am a very busy man with much duties to take in place'
All rubbish...

Have to say he assumes FB is a dating website as he is going on.. 'How serious are you in getting into any relationship or do you just want someone to spend some time with?'
After spending half an hour basically telling him I am not interested.. I get.. 
and our James as Clinton Mills

... and as Perry Williams

 and as Michael J Wiggins
and as gough1seth9

and as fingerlickin211

and again the lovely Clinton Mills

''am serious and i want to love and to be loved again.i don't joke about this or play any head games. i am very serious, at the beginning i was just not sure about the distance but you have changed my mind, maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel''
Oh if only they would read !

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