Sunday 29 May 2016

Corbit James Curtis

Corbit James Curtis is very active now on Facebook and dating websites
Corbit on ScamHaters United

Lots of mistakes in his messages.... 

He is divorced with one daughter call Natasha who is 14 years old and she lives with her (?, surely his) Mother in Law in UK!!
Email Addresses: &
Phone Number: +1 409-777-6200
Facebook Profile:
First contact on Facebook.. 
What a sparkling smile, I would love to meet you and know more about you 

Message received: 
Hello Dearie I must be very frank with you to be honest I really don't do too much time for internet chat and I'm only trying this to see if i might find any luck so please understand if I am a little awkward at it. i want to build a relationship,And i must tell you this because its really what i want from you.I am happy that i met you and will like to keep reaching each other here till we take it to another level. I don't come here often; i will like to have your email account or mobile contact so we can be reaching each other from there.or you can mail me through my email address: corbitcus@gmail.comRegards Corbit

You have to admit he is a fast worker.

I have a daughter name is Natasha is 14 she is a wonderful girl. She wishes to become Bailey dancer (!!! shake that Bailey baby!!!)  and a medical doctor.
Though she live in the Uk with my mother in-law, My Late father is an Australian and i have live in the for the past 35 years.My deepest passion is to be close to God. I endured a near death experiences from a tragic car accident Twenty-six years ago. It gave me a determination and strong will to heal, be healthy, and meditate. We were hit head on by a drunk driver; he was an uninsured motorist and repeat offender. Five people were killed, unfortunately, my Both parents passed on that ugly day.The drunk driver passed too, along with his girlfriend, and his child, a six year old little girl .I barely made it out alive. I was hospitalized for 70 days, in a coma for 20. The doctors called me their miracle patient, because I survived so many ordeals. I was told I would never walk for the rest of my life.

That was 26 years ago. I am walking, dancing and I don’t need a care giver. Something happened to me, which I found hard to explain I am over the top emotionally intelligent and energetically self-sustained. I had no idea I had so much courage, strength and fortitude. I have learned so much. I feel very blessed in many ways.My diet is very healthy and clean. I am very intuitive and see more than most. I know purification is the key to freedom on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. During my near death I was shown the only way out is IN. Meaning we have to heal our emotions.

I lost my ex-wife seven years ago. Though we have been separated Ten years she told me on our Daughter's 4th year birthday that she no longer wanted to be in the marriage. I was of course heart broken. I surrendered the marriage to the depth of my soul and let her go. We decided to live and support each other but not be sexual/physical intimate with each other.

Ever since i did not want to be in a relationship. The status of the marriage to date: is Single I am pretty out of the box as i can tell. I am the usual every day person. I do what it takes to find a deeper meaning in life even though it may not fit the masses. Until i came across you, i sincerely want to ask you for a date/relationship .I just want to leave happy to the day life is through and i find that partner in you since I have come of Age. I do want you to tell things about you. Maybe you feel i should know
Here is my Number +1 409-777-6200
Skype ID: live:corbitcus

Now I think there is a lot of copy and paste here and he will use this with everyone.

I found his details on another site which said: 
Corbit James Curtis 
Work: Independent Contractor at Logistics industry
From Texas City, Texas USA
Birthday: April 5
Interested In: Women
Religious Views: Christian
Relationship: Widowed
Benin, Nigeria

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