Friday 27 May 2016


Woods George... Scammer Facebook and beyond

Woods George.... notice the surname first thing. Common in Ghana. They often don't do the research and still pass themselves off as English speakers. 

Remember though... a lot of these contact women whose English is not their first language and so do not notice things as we do. 

Happy, colourful... what's not to life about this open faced, smiling man. Well, maybe the fact that behind him sits a man in Africa on a laptop pretending to be him. This is NOT the man you are talking to, this is a man in the US Military who has had his identity stolen and repeatedly used all over the internet for dating and romance for a very long time. 

As Hawkins Javier  Google+

Love this one.. Hawkins McBrown.... listed on Pigbusters

Jeffrey Hawkins   Google+

When he was 'Thomas Truthful Heart'... for dating websites

DavidHaw 23 .... taken from dating websites and listed on Pigbusters

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