Tuesday 24 May 2016

Dedy Subiardi

Dedy Subiardi is a little gem !!
 .. Poor English, bad memory but don't be fooled ...
PLEASE REMEMBER THE PERSON YOU ARE ACTUALLY SPEAKING TO ISN'T THE PERSON IN THE PICTURES. In the pictures is an innocent man who probably doesn't know he is being used. 
An Engineer living in Manchester, England but says he is Italian. (All lies of course) Awful English.. but he can copy and paste lots !
Poor dear man lost his wife in a car accident just one year ago and it was so painful. He has a dear little girl he is raising alone !!!! (Ahhh….. pitiful. There is a very small pool of stories they use..…. ALL LIES. He is active right now so be careful.)
Dear man want someone to look after his child.
”Someone who will take care of her when am not around because my work make me travel a lot…
It’s not always that easy to fine a lady who will love you and your child they just want my money..
Which is very sad, I want a lady who I will love and respect and will love me and my son…” it seemed he often forgot what he had… I asked him if it was a boy or girl…. his answer ‘
”Ever since I lost my wife it as been very lonely for me raising my child alone..
I have a daughter why would you say that?”
I think he may be a learner !!!
”I believe me finding you was not just by mistake I feel God as a reason
Everything that make you so special and interesting
I just like your kind of lady and hopefully we can be good friends
Where are you from dear? ”
and on and on in the same way… he was just awful…. I stopped it when it got to
” am so lonely I can’t think straight each time I remember how my wife died and my daughter misses are her mom and there are sometimes she do cry and it saddens my heart..”
What a miserable little lying scammer !!! DO NOT BE FOOLED.

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