Thursday 26 May 2016

Tatum Sherry Diane

Tatum Sherry Diane

This is a warning. Can't say who she is yet as her pictures aren't showing up on searches... but they will, I'll keep looking. 

So, our dear Tatum has gone on a bit of a holiday. She says she's from Chocktaw, Oklahoma. She has, however gone from Texas to..... Nigeria !!! As you do !

Well, the day after she got there, guess what !! She lost her money, purse, wallet... the lot. She has been kicked out of her motel room and has nothing. Poor little girl. !!! So of course she is asking for money to be sent to Nigeria for her.

Now... lazy scammer asked for money in only one day !!! It says Miss Tatum Sherry Diane is a widow !!! It has all the hallmarks of a male African scammer. 

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