Wednesday 25 May 2016

Troy Clenn James Barker and Patch Wilson.. Fake Profiles

Fake Profiles working together.

Troy Clenn James Barker

I'm a bit worried about this one because he says he is in a relationship with an innocent
looking woman. She declares she has never been so happy.  I fear she may be a victim. 
There is a reply to her posting on his timeline. This is from a Patch Wilson.... also a fake, scamming 
Stolen pictures, used around the internet with different names. 

When Troy was David Mark 

Then we have his mate.... PatchWilson. Now... Patch is a popular name chosen by Scammers for some reason. I'm not sure why, but it is.

When the victim of Troy is saying she is happy, Patch is congratulatory to them both. Of course this is just to make it look real. She is also 'Friends' with Patch. 

When Patch Wilson was Patch Anderson

When he was David Patch

When he was Edwin Patch

When he was Patch Johnson

When he was Patch Jones

When he was Patch Morgan

When he was Patch Tabron

When he was Patch Timothy Haggard

When he was Simon Larry Leadford (Patch) 

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