Saturday 28 May 2016

Nerona Rizalyn Manganti (Peter Smith)

See here on Scamhaters United

Nerona Rizalyn Manganti (Peter Smith).. who is he exactly? Does he know. He says that
he works:
Works at Construction Work
Lives in Miami Beach, Florida

Of course, he'd have to be widowed wouldn't he !  

There is something strange in the URL of his Facebook Page
I have never come across a URL with the word ---fake  at the end ! 
Don't know why it's there or what it means. 

Anyway, back to Nerona Peter ...  He is randomly contacting women on Facebook. 
I believe the man in the pictures is a Lee Thompson from a company called NSL Commish, a 
bodybuilding company. 

 I believe this is the real man in the pictures.
He is called Lee Thompson and is from
a bodybuilding company. Nothing to do
with scamming. 


  1. I received a friend request from this man. I don't usually accept those from guys I don't know or have some connection with. He kept arguing and sending me msgs even after I deleted his request and reported him to facebook.facebook is refusing to do anything to stop him. He stopped me from communicating with him after I saw him on another scammer site. I detest him and all like him. He needs to be stopped. I started warning the ladies on his friends list but now he has that hidden. what can be done to bring him down?

  2. I've spoken to the very nice man who is the real man here and he can't do anything either. Facebook is useless.
    We try to spread the word as far as we can, hence here, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and we do warn people if I see them looking involved on the Facebook account.
    Awareness ... it's the only way that it will reduce and I am hoping finally stop.
    Nigeria and Ghana could do a whole lot more but won't.
    Come to and just help to let us know and share around... honestly, I hate them all.


    Come and join us.. post new scammers you find and talk with others.
    All we can do is spread the word... and the more of us doing it.. the more it'll spread.

  4. After another scam attempt by someone using the name Victoria Nelson tried to reel me in a few days ago..tried to use the scam that Facebook is giving away huge sums of money to selected users. Yeh right. Anyway just saw the photo used by the alleged Ms Nelson on Mangantis page..she is standing next to him in one of his stolen from Lee Thompson photos. It is really bad when the real person in all those pics cant even stop them from being used.

    1. Can't find her so maybe she has gone but there are so many of these coming up now... I'd love to know if you get any more.

      Don't you think Facebook could/would do something !!!!

      As I said.. I have spoken to Lee and he is powerless and I call that disgraceful !!!

  5. You can have as many lawyers as you like, litigation and injunctions but in Africa they do just what they like....which is incredibly sad.

    The only way we can fight them is to spread awareness so wide as soon as someone gets an approach the know 'Oh yes, it's a scammer'.... and not have anything to do with them.

    They are truly horrible scum with no thought of anyone other than where the next $ will be there to collect at Western Union or Moneygram.