Friday 27 May 2016

Syaiful Achmad

Syaiful Achmad
Syaiful Achmad (Dubby)
Now... I am at a total loss as to why they have thought up this name for this profile.
The man in the picture is Major General Michael Dubie ... another poor man whose pictures are often used in scams
This is what he says about himself..... and you'll never guess. he is widowed !!!
Works at U.S. Army
From Houston, Texas
These fake profiles are dangerous. He is out there right now contacting women and talking of love... and money !!! 

Syaiful Achmad on ScamHaters United

Not much to go on on his Facebook page.... however, as usual the picture of this man has been extensively used around the net for dating and romance scamming. 

He says he works at 'The US Army'
Oh and guess what  ..... he is 'Widowed'
and is from Houston, Texas. 

There was a time he was........ Daniel Herbert -

Google+ as General Micheal Dubie (notice they never spell Michael as we do)

He is even Nasir Muhannad on dating site VK

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