Tuesday 24 May 2016

US Military Stories.........

.Stories. .............used in Scamming.

 US Army Personnel have to 'buy' a Leave Request and someone has to pay for it and email an address given to request their loved one gets leave. 
NO US Military Personnel needs to buy leave. They don't need you to email their Captain (Of course these email addresses are often Gmail or Yahoo... as if the Army would use that). You are emailing them. You may even get a fake email back ! 'Granting' the leave !! At a cost of around £1550.

US Army Personnel have to 'buy' their actual leave. 
Last one I was told about asked for $4000 to buy the leave. NO Military Personnel needs to buy leave... it is given by the governments and they are flown home by the military. You even get a 'Money Back Guarantee' Certificate. Saying you will be reimbursed all your $'s once your loved one is home. 
Guess what... that is money that will never come back ! 

They say when they are on Deployment that food doesn't get to them and they are starving!  Money is asked to be sent for food. 
Now, this brings up many questions ! If food isn't getting to them, then it isn't getting to the Army camp, there won't be food in a camp shop and not on their plates. Where are they going to take this money to buy food? A local corner shop in a street in Syria somewhere? Have a leisurely walk down the streets of Kabul for a take-away??
Of course not. Wherever the US or UK Army is, the men and women get well catered for. They are fed well and don't need anything. 
Because the food has been so bad, out poor soldier is malnourished..even has ulcers and has to have money every month to pay for his treatment. (Last one I heard of was getting $150 a month for us ulcer medication because of poor food)
Again, as above. Absolute rubbish. ALL soldiers on deployment get free medical care, US or UK. 
Of course, they never had the ulcers in the first place... but they don't need money for medication.

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