Wednesday 1 June 2016

Barry Wenger

Barry Wenger.... FAKE PROFILE
Please see also Dean Stuart Talbot-Bailey as I believe they are working together
Barry Wenger is really James C Binnicker
This profile has already been very successful and has had money. I believe he is also working with Bailey and they have had several hundreds of $'s in several amounts from a lovely lady who trusted him completely and who really cannot afford this. 

His story was that he was due to retire and had money he had to get out of Afghanistan before he left. Would she have it sent to her.

Of course, could she pay for the shipping and he would pay her when he got back, not to worry. 

The consignment had problems... then got stopped by customs in Indonesia. Up until that point he had already had almost $1000 and he asked for another $1000 to be sent. 

That lady knows now that he is fake. She has lost a lot of money she can't afford but this particular rat won't be getting any more money from her.

She sent the money to Indonesia.... to the names:
Faruq Arromzy
Sandra Elita and
Aemi Setianah

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