Monday 30 May 2016

Desmond Mixon

Desmond Mixon ... Fake Profile

added on 09/06...... This profile has gone but there is one of  .....  Mixon Desmond

Cheeky this one and not nice once he realises he isn't getting any further.

He says he is 47 years old and has a 7 year old son called Henry. Guess what... he's a widow ! Who'd have thought it ! There must be no military wives anywhere !!!

Well, he lost his partner and other family members in a car accident !

He is asking for money to get out of the Navy ! Let's make sure he gets NOTHING !
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On a Japanese Dating site saying he is from Bristol UK


  1. Same guy says his name is James trying to get money from me but says he is 42. Wants to come see me but needs money because he is on special assignment in Navy. Lol. Look up Mixon on Facebook. This guy has ALOT of profiles, names, locations, jobs.

    1. Thank You.. of course in the Navy they don't get money so need a woman to send it !!! I am so glad you don't believe him !

      Yes... he is used a LOT, some older ones, some newer.... I HATE SCAMMERS !! I just hope more women Google !