Saturday, 7 January 2017

Martins Diehl Lekhan and the Nigerian he really is...

Martins Diehl Lekhan Dating scammer from Tinder

HE SPEAKS WITH A VERY THICK ACCENT.. which he will tell you is because he lived in Germany before moving to the United States to join the U.S. Army !!!!

When he asked the woman to download IMO she saw his profile picture.. that of an African male. His telephone number of +234 803 606 1333 is a Nigerian number.


  1. I've been chatting to this guy for a few months. Very convincing!!! Calls himself Diehl Nicolas

  2. This guy is really convincing. Known to me as Diehl Nicolas. Wants me to send money for food as he says army grub is not edible!!????? ����

    1. This story really amuses me because where are they going to go and buy food with your money.. wander down to Kabul Friend Chicken?? The local Pizza shop.. everything I have seen about war zones.. there isn't much to buy !! Stupid stories and an insult to the US Army !!

      As if they need anything.. which they don't !!! Drop him and block him... not worth your time.