Thursday 14 July 2016

Scammers are trained,,,,,,,,,,,,



Scammers are trained and learn how act like a psychiatrist. They will pick your brains and really get into your head.

Afterall, they will convince you that they are your new best friend and perhaps lover. They will learn all of your personal information, about your finances, about your family.

Why? Because you will be the one to tell them as you open your heart to them. They have all the time in the world to sit and chat with you online and perhaps over the phone.

Why? Because they know you are lonely and looking for a friend. This is what they do. When they know they have your trust, they will start asking for just that one favor and it will have to do with money.

They already know or are hoping you are groomed enough to be willing to send it to then. And once you do that, your nightmare will become, because the requests will never stop coming. 

They will always have another excuse and need just one more favor.....of course, it will usually be for some fabricated emergency.
They need money for medical, someone was in an accident or needs assistance, and of course they will want help with airfare just so they can be with you. 

Trust me, I've heard it all and I've helped with much of this stuff. I was once asked for just one are my receipts to prove that.

Once you send them a one time assistance for money, you have just become their ATM machine. 

Why did I do it? I thought we were the greatest team since sliced bread. I thought he truly loved me and couldn't wait to get here. He assured me I would be paid back the minute he got here. 

Guess what? I was wrong on all 3 accounts.

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