Tuesday 19 July 2016

RICHY GORRARA...the Master of copy and paste!


+1 503 506 7561
He is widowed... (which of them aren't ! ) and Likes Viber where he is called 'Amazing Grace'. He is a keeper this one ! He spends his birthdays in Orphanages !!


His first message to you is so romantic... 
''Am terribly sorry for intruding into your privacy, I was surfing Facebook looking for an old friend and Facebook suggested your name as possible friend. I must confess i used the chance to view your profile and quite liked what i saw! if you do not mind, i wouldn't mind too being a friend and also I don't mean any hard dearie....Can we get to know each other now?''

After a quick 'Yes' you will then get

''Thanks, for accepting to be my friend. I am an Exploration and Production Consultant. What about you? Are you married. I am a widowed. I am originally from Brussels, Belgium, grew up in Oregon, USA. My parents are late but that's life, you have to accept it and live with what it brings. So please can you tell me few things about yourself and also feel free to ask me things you wish to know about me.''

''I am interested in you. Have you found your love? if you are still searching, i would like to know more about you-what motivates you? what makes your heart leap with passion? I find your beauty very exciting and would be glad if we can get to know each other pretty well...i hope i have not said anything to upset you cos you know i have a lot of respect for women cos without them none of us will be here today and i would not want to say anything wrong to you and not be able to talk to you anymore...Hope to hear from you soon...''


So you see he is the Master of copy and paste!!
By message 5 he is in love with you !!!!! 

He was only asked if he had kids.. the reply

''Sweetheart,How are you? How did your day go? I guess it went fine. I checked time I guess its already evening over there. Just checking out on you. To let you know that I have you in mind. Its 03:30 am over here. Am cool and also doing fine. Tell me what you are being upto lately. I would like to discuss a little about myself.....am 6 fit ‘tall with, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, and a positive person am real easy going person to talk with and a good listener. I think am lucky to have met you online. So tell me what do you do at your leisure time, do you go to movies, shopping and sports. Just asking so we can get along.''
(Love a man who is 6 fit tall !!!,,Oh and mentally stable!)
You can ask questions... he doesn't reply.. other than talking on Viber you get copy and paste. 


He will pester and beg for the $1000.. he doesn't give up !

''I am just lil busy but i just bump into my facebook and decide to write you few words to let you know how much I love you and miss you. Just wondering how lucky I am to meet you. Can you tell me where you have been all these while, why haven't I met you like 30yrs ago? lol just kidding. Welcome to my world baby.
Love always,
and then....

''well i have nothing else to say. Lemme go and find a way to solve my problem shouldnt have asked u in the first place cuz i have the feelings that you dont care.''

He won't bother you any more because you won't send him money... move on to the next victim who will !



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