Sunday 3 July 2016

KENNETH B DOXTATOR .. Romantic Money Stealer



Studied at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Went to Shawano High

From Keshena, Wisconsin

This scammer starts a little different.. he wants to send his love to you by sending a ring and some flowers...and a ring and some roses do arrive (because you trust him and you've given him your home address !!! ) NEVER GIVE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS OUT !! EVEN IF HE DOES SAY HE LOVES YOU !

Well, shortly after that he starts the money asking !!! He has daughter Lisa in college and she needs money. He hasn't been paid yet .....

Well then the lady found out that there was at least one other who had been in a 'relationship' with this man.

So...of course very hurt.... and I think this scammer lost a couple of people then... but I have heard about this man from several women today... so he is a busy rat.

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