Monday 18 July 2016

GBRLLOYD BRIGGS.. How do you say that?


Well.. can't even work out what the scammer is aiming for with this name.. 

Contractor at Contractor 
Studied at University of Washington 
Went to Washington Irving Campus 
Lives in Dallas, Texas 
From Orlando, Florida
I also don't think that all the pictures are of one man...

OH he likes his romantic songs from YouTube and his fake religion

''Will raise up my eyes to the hill, from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord who made the heaven's the earth... Good morning everyone and good weekend blessed in the name of Jesus'

I have to say here that the scammers are often very religious. You live a life of making people suffer, stealing, lying, cheating and generally going against every Commandment they have to justify it to themselves as to why they are so loathed and hated. 

They think God actually says it's ok to do what they are doing and God won't judge them for it. Well.... when you are a rat what else can you think? The lowest form of human life all rolled in one... that is a scammer.

Google image search only revealed one other use of one of the pictures of one of the men they claim is all of one man.

(Facebook profile now gone... )


  1. Well, now he's going by the name Donald Cruft, and I just became friends with him on Facebook. He has a few of the same photos above. I just called him out and shared this link with him!

  2. This is his Facebook profile under the name Donald Cruft as of August 25, 2016: Consultant at Dade Behring Marburg GmbH
    Consulting Engineers at Marine engineers
    Lives in Frankfurt, Germany

  3. He deleted his Facebook account after I shared this page with him. So the link to Donald Cruft will not take you to his profile anymore. Stinking scam artist! I knew something was off with him. So glad I trusted my gut and looked up his photos on Google. I started seeing the same exact line he used on me on multiple postings on social networking posts, and he claimed it was "a hacker". Then I looked up his photos and found this site! Thank you for sharing this, so I could uncover him for the scammer he is...

  4. I am so glad you Google'd .. don't bother telling him much.. anything you tell him as to how you know he is a scammer just educates them for next time. Best revenge... BLOCK. They hate it because you have taken control of the situation and they do not like that. They use the same lines because they copy and paste them... but forget because they say the same lines to so many people.... thank for commenting. I appreciate it... Ruth

  5. Well, he has another profile now! It looks like it's been on there for awhile too. I don't know how they do that. His other profile was deleted immediately after I called him out. This is the link to the new one: Do you think someone has stolen this man's photo's? I really want to get to the bottom of this! I hate the idea of him scamming other women.

    1. Scammers steal whole lives like they have here. At some time this man would have had maybe an Instagram, Picture site or Facebook.. scammers trawled through the internet and stole thousands of pictures. By the time people found out and closed their accounts it was too late.. the material was out there for years of scamming.. these pictures are probably quite old.

      Thank You.. I'll post Cruft... we'll get the word around... I wish we could do more ! If we can save some it's better than none.

  6. Well, he took his second profile down too! I messaged him that be better or I'd report it again. There is another one under Lloyd Briggs on there too, with the same photo of the guy in the white hat! Here is the link:

    1. This face appears on a profile named John Leo for FB. This person targeted my 70 yr old mother and succeeded in getting over ten thousand dollars from her.

    2. Sadly, this man found my mom. 70 and very naive and believed he fell in love with her. She tried to leave my dad to go meet this man, who according to her goes by John Leo. She wired this person over ten thousand dollars because he promised he would pay it back double

    3. I'm so sad to hear this. It's amazing how they can totally get under the skin of someone and dominate to this degree and they do it every day.
      I hope she is away from him now, we can talk to here if she would come to us.
      It's very sad and just makes me hate scammers even more !

    4. I can't find that John Leo one but I'll keep looking.