Thursday 13 October 2022

TIM PEARSON Using Alexandre Correa


Using Alexandre Correa

I met this Man on POF( plenty of fish ) dating site , September 2022.

Going by the name of TIM PEARSON age 49 , widowed with 12 year old son named June , yes June .

🚩He talked about oversees Jobs , he had his own business of what he not explained , told big story about late wife being pregnant with twin girls , fell , had miscarriage and blamed him for being away in Japan when this happened ,she started using Drugs etc. , got divorced then she died on lung cancer 2 years later ,

I Did not chat long enough for him to ask for anything .Maybe it was because I did not appear interested enough in him .

Of course since I have been scammed 2 years ago and since then learned to not get scammed again , I have been cautious , checkout the pictures and watch for red flag .

Anytime one uses 2 first names on his profile , sometimes writes perfect English other times bad grammar turns out 99 % scammer , never give my real name , no personal info, I always stay fully dressed never give him reason to blackmail later, if he finds excuses not to meet in person , or experience distorted video calls , grainy , words do not match mouth-movement the call is not legitimate , I also learned to recognize when they copy and paste texts send to me .

I LOVE IT WHEN WE GET THESE MESSAGES and women KNOW and are never going to be victims again. IT ALSO MEANS THIS TIME THE SCAMMER LOST.. and those times are getting more and more!

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