Monday 3 October 2022

JEFF WEBER Grindr. Goes by the name Jeff Weber.




Goes by the name Jeff Weber.

🚩Said he’s stationed in a peace keeping mission Aleppo, Syria.

🚩Mother died of cancer and father died of respiratory problems following a serious car crash.
Has a grandmother in Kansas City.

🚩Claims to have a defective cell phone, and therefore 🚩cannot live talk or video chat.

🚩 His poor grammar is a giveaway.

🚩Said his birthday was September 25, 1984,
🤬🤬''but I continue to play the game with him, because it’s fun to see how far he’ll go'' 🤬🤬
STOP AND THINK... fun! play along.. and yet said poor grammar is a giveaway.

HOW DO SCAMMERS GET GOOD.... Because people play along for FUN... Free scammer tuition into better English is always good for them IN THE FUTURE HE CAN SCAM BETTER WITH WHAT HE HAS LEARNED....

I despair sometimes at lack of sense.


  1. Poor grammar is only one of many giveaways, and is only remarkable when accompanied by an endless web of lies and inconsistencies. Improving his grammar alone does not make him undetectable. But many of these schemers are highly skilled at deception even with horrible grammar.

    1. but they shouldn't be. How can you deceive someone when you can't talk properly. Why do victims accept bad grammar? Why not say NO and get out. At some point it has to be the NO and this stop. How can we help stop scams if they are accepted and forgiven their mistakes. Highly skilled at deception... maybe we beg to differ. Their deception is accepted and shouldn't be