Wednesday 5 October 2022

So you think you know who you are talking to... THINK AGAIN

 So you think you know who you are talking to...

Geofrey Maisiba
is from Kenya. 

Scamming as Williams Douglas 
and hunting women with stolen pictures. 
Military scammer 

Ironwa Godfrey is a Nigerian with a cheap Handbag! He is scamming using TRISTAN KING.. so maybe he needs the money for a better one!


Scams using 
General Paul LaCamera! 

This African is making money 
impersonating Prince Hamdan, 

+1 805 819 8210

Cameo Andrew
Mabry is a 
Nigerian scam

Îsäh Usmâñ
Dalha Dalhatu Tongo (Galadima)
and David Friday

are stealing money
and making 
money mules 

This African Criminal
is scamming Asian women
as Karan Kim. 

Using the stolen pictures
Brig. Gen. Richard C. Kim

This is 
Camilus Udochukwu
and he is scamming 
Jone Anderson Alverez (Jonez)
Nathan Fair !

These  >>>>>>>>
are contacting women
and scamming as 

As the Internet grows and becomes a part of our lives, it brings us a unique opportunity to meet people we likely would never have met in any other way. Well it enforce me much pleasure and more enthusiasm knowing you. It is difficult to say much about oneself in such a small place.  Hello, how are you doing?  I'm Richard Clarke . I am a General of United State army from Florida ,  Please send me a friend request if you don't mind, let's talk
about ourselves. 

He uses the name 
Emmanuel Dalmeida..
Don't forget... 
'Christ paid the bills' 

I wonder who he stole the 
money from?? 

Frank Owiriwa is using Dr Fernando Gomes in scams

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