Tuesday 4 October 2022

This Nigerian says he is not scamming as John Wood. Because he confessed and sent his real picture!

At the start this is a typical scam....
'Hello pretty'
'I'm not from Nigeria

I'm California Burbank city'
'how old are you
Can I see your picture
What do you do for a living'

Then he turns.

Please just a minute πŸ™πŸ™
I'm a motor machine engineer let me send you my real pic'

'I'm not a scammer.. like I told you before... I'm afraid to use my real pic because if I use my real picture you would chat with me, I'm a nice person... don't block me'

'I'm not telling lies okay Yes.i have a job.. but in Nigeria we don't have a better govmment No I'm not a lier
I just tell you my all truth'

You see with scammers they have a way of thinking. IF they confess and ask you to be their friend they are not scamming any more.

Even though they are in the same account as contacted you to scam you! Same stolen pictures. If you refuse to be his friend you are not a very nice person (Yes their thinking makes no sense).

This one says he is a Motor Mechanic but he does not make much money so he find women using these pictures. BUT.. he isn't a scammer. πŸ˜‚

NIGERIANS CAN'T FACE WHAT THEY DO. So they constantly deny it. Would YOU have a liar as a friend, one who pretends to be someone else?

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