Friday 28 October 2022

JAMES BENJAMIN Or Odnoha Andrew Aloyisius FAKE and it seems like the scammer is called OhNoha

Or Odnoha Andrew Aloyisius
Vietnamese victim here
I connected this🚩 oil rig scammer via LinkeIn, he has deleted the current profile or maybe created another new one for the next victims.
His name is James Benjamin.
He showed me his savings account via this link : **FAKE WEBNSITE GIVEN.. FB DOES NOT ALLOW THESE LINKS it is Alluvia Private Bank
then my tragedy has started.
He told due to this bank to be closed of Covid he will send all his savings to me for keeping until he ends his contract and come to pick it.
Below is his personal information that he gave me and tracking code of that delivery company
Account number: AG2211AC
Reference number: 55018767
Phone: +1 (562) 373-2693

Address: 6811 SO .east end Avenue/apt-1 Chicago USA
Zip code ;60649
Depositors name : James Benjamin Odnoha

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