Sunday 4 July 2021

Red Flags Please do not Ignore them:

Red Flags Please do not Ignore them:
🚩Military, doctor, (UN peace keeping mission) oil rig, engineer or contractor

🚩Wants to chat hangouts or WhatsApp or other apps

🚩Calls you Honey, Baby, Babe and my favorite my queen

🚩Falls in love with with you, quickly

🚩Asks for money, bitcoin, gift cards

🚩Has No one in the world but you, parents died, wife died no family

🚩Asks for your personal information and more

🚩Has an important job but is able to chat hours

🚩Wants to send you money or a package with gold or valuables

🚩Can't video call or it is short and not live or camera broken or asks for an Itunes gift card to update his phone or get data

🚩Starts sentence with Am (NO American does this)

🚩Widow, wife died cancer or car accident, cheated on him

🚩Child in boarding school or with relative (uses children as pawns)

🚩Many sob stories, lost wallet, can't access money, no food, needs help with medical bills

🚩Age is but a number

🚩They are hot and you are not

🚩Shows passport or military ID as proof of being real

🚩May send gifts, flowers, teddy bears, pizza even offer to pay your bills to gain trust

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