Friday 16 July 2021

On Line Dating Tips


On Line Dating Tips
For all that are on Social Media looking for a mate, you MUST approach this in a different way to keep yourself safe. I do believe many can find love on the internet, however, the internet is one of the most dangerous places for predators! EXPECT that every person that does contact you - will be Fake! Therefore, you MUST do your homework before proceeding. If you don't, you will continue to waste your time on people that are on Social Media to take advantage of people!
So Remember this: You have been given (1) A PICTURE of a STRANGER (2) A NAME of the person in the picture (3) A STORY about this STRANGER
On Social Media - the chances that (1) the picture is STOLEN, (2) the Name is FAKE, (3) and the story - IS ALL A LIE is extremely high!
Question: What is the one way you can positively confirm that you are chatting with the person in the pictures?
Answer: They stand in front of you - in person!
Thankfully, there are ways to make this possible, even if the other person is miles away from you. How? It's called a Real Time Video Chat! How easy is that! Very easy. Then how come most people can't seem to tell the difference between a previously recorded video to a real time video chat? Because they are not paying attention to details! Simple Details are overlooked!
If you follow my recommendations each time, I promise it will keep you Scam Free!
Within the FIRST 12-24 hours of finding someone you are interested in, you must DEMAND that the two of you do a Skype / a real time video chat. When they agree you are now looking at the person in a video chat, you must tell the person to wave to you with one hand and then switch to the other hand. You can wave too, so that you are illustrating what you are asking of them. (You are making this request just in case you are watching a previously recorded video!) If they don't do it, you are to ask / tell them again to wave to you. If they do not do as you command, then you need to disconnect that chat and Block them! (Yes, I said block them!) I have heard scammers say, "I could not hear you" or "I could not see you" as their excuse for playing a previously recorded video.
IF you are lucky enough to have the person wave to you as you have requested, then you should feel confident that you ARE speaking to the person in the pictures. Is the person in the video the same as in the pictures? YES is the only answer you need to proceed to the next level.
If you get anything less than the above scenario, you better get rid of them! Scammers continue to tell their new victims all sorts of stupid excuses as to why they cannot do a real time video chat.
For example:
(1) Their phone does not have a video chat function. Your reply should be - then borrow one from your friend or co-workers! If they refuse, then tell them to get lost scammer and Block them!
(2) They are active military and on a secret mission and not permitted to do video chats. Your immediate reply should always be - get lost scammer and Block them!
(3) Their employment contract does not permit them to do a video chat! Your immediate reply should always be - get lost scammer and Block them!
(4) There is no video signal where they are at! (Enough signal to text/chat but not for a video! Your immediate reply should always be - get lost scammer and Block them!
(5) Video chats are forbidden on the oil rig as the pirates will find them! Your immediate reply should always be - get lost scammer and Block them!
(6) They are busy at the moment and will do it latter. Your response should be Define later? Can you make it happen within the next 12 hours? (There should be zero reasons they cannot pull this off. If they can find the time to text you, they better make time within the first 12-24 hours to do a video chat! No Exceptions!)
(7) No. Your immediate reply should always be "LOL - get lost scammer" and Block them!
If you DO get a REAL TIME video chat and YOU still want just a little bit more assurance that you ae chatting to the person in the picture, then ask the person to follow up the real time video chat with a SPECIAL SELFIE and ask them to smile and hold up 3 fingers to their face. That selfie better match up with the clothes you just saw on the video chat!
As always, if ANYONE needs further help or assistance, PLEASE never ever hesitate to ask us for help at ScamHaters United. We want you to be safe while you find your mate!

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