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Again, thank you for let me be part of this group, I want to tell my story and I will like to warn the most people about this man, Will be nice if all his pictures can go around the world and get him caught for fraud.
I’m divorced and on March 2021 I felt lonely, I heard my friends and even ex-husband to talk about meeting people using date platforms like Tinder, even one friend told me that her friend got married to a guy that she met there, my ex-husband already had 2 relationships from there.
I´m not a very social person so the only interaction with other people have been through my job. I have a career and I have a good job, I´m not rich but no poor, here in México we call us Middle class. I was good handling my finances and did not have problems with credit cards or banks, I considered myself intelligent and happy woman but I wanted to met that special men for me.
I remember to entered on a Tuesday night to Tinder and get active, after maybe 10 minutes of seen men profiles I saw a profile from a men telling that was in Mexico did not speak a lot of Spanish and want to met someone, he was cute and same age as me, I added a heart into the Tinder application, 3 minutes later we were talking. He was very funny, likable, smart, kind and polite.
Later he told me that was very slow the Tinder chat that if we can change to use Whatsapp, I gave him my cell phone number and we started a wonderful friendship, I started the day always with his greetings and some chat, and also at dinner time he wrote me a lot and we chat. We laugh and had a very great time talking a lot, every day.
He told me he was from Poland and he was working as a Contractor in a Big Construction at Acapulco, Guerrero, is a Beach city around 5 hours by car from Mexico City (1 hrs by plane), I live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, around 14hrs by car (1hrs by plane), he told me that he was a successful men, never married but just broke up for a 12year relationship two years ago, He told me her girlfriend left him for a richer men and since then he left Poland (he lived at Lublin, Poland), the cell phone +48 732 085 502 where I have register is from Poland, (the phone still active, none answer right now, I want to shutdown that cell phone, any ideas how?).
He ask me to be his girlfriend.
We continued chatting around a month and he promised to come to visit me from Acapulco to Guadalajara for my birthday, he sometimes call me (never a video conference), also two times talk with my daughter in English a few words. He treat me like a queen, he told me I was his world and he wanted to be here with me, that he had a one year contract at Acapulco but he can work anywhere so he will move and work from here. Everything was great I started falling from him and in some point he told me that he need to go to a business trip to Turkey for 3 weeks and after that he will return directly to Guadalajara to visit me “for my birthday”. He told me he worked in several contracts over there and he had to sue a Turkish company because they tried to change his contract and he won, they had a check hold in there, there will be like a audience and they will deliver the check to him, this will take long like 3 weeks.
So he traveled to Turkish and then he arrived and he told me that due the time difference we will talk in the early morning my time and very late. I shared all about my life and about his life (I will never know if something was true).
At the second weekend in his Turkey trip he stopped writing for the week end, I was worried since he was always talking to me, so I tried to contact him, I saw that he entered at Facebook or Whatsapp but was not answering anything of what I wrote, was very weird, on Tuesday finally he sent me a message that the display of the cell phone was broken and he can see my messages but can not unblock or do anything with the cell phone.
He told me that he sent the cell phone to repair and had to buy a new one, but he felt very frustrated since all his life was on that cell phone, bank accounts, contacts, everything, so he will try to get fixed and was very urgent.
So, everything continue to be normal until on a Monday morning around May 4th he started to send me messages that he urgently need to talk with me, I was driving to my work, I told him he need to wait, but in a red light I saw what he wrote, he told me that since the cell phone was broken he could not have access to his accounts and can not get any money, he was staying in a Airbnb, a department and the landlord was asking to pay the rent and he can not pay for anything due the cell issue, that he had some cash but will be out of it soon,
So he asked me if he can borrow $3,000dlls from me, He will give me the money when he return “home”, now he was referring like this will be his home and he wanted to make life plans with me. I was like I couldn’t believe that, so I started questioning that if he was trying to scam me and he started to play like a victim and told me a long story that how can I think of him like that and I felt bad and tried to calm him down, I told him that I wanted a videoconference right now to see him and he called several times trying to connect the video call, I saw him like 5 seconds (or what I supposed ot be him) and then entered several calls without video, he was telling me a lot of things that I was the bad guy, because he wanted in my life and do anything for me and I think of him that he was trying to rip me….well, finally I told him, ok, I will try to get the money and send to you, but how???
He told me that the landlord will accept only cash, that the fastest way to do it is buying cryptocurrency, if I had a credit card that money will arrive very fast, so I accepted and pass him my creditcard data, he couldn´t got out the money of the credit card, so he told me if I can go to Walmart and buy like Walmart cards or if I can go to apple store and buy also applestorecards, I told him no, that is not going to work.
Then he told me if I can make a money transfer, but I did not have cash to do it, he beg me to get a loan an transfer those $3,000dlls, he will pay interest or anything, this will be over soon and he will come back here and give me the money.
I took out from my credit card the $3K, he gave me a Turkish account for a people that was helping him and I transferred the $3000dlls next day through my bank to his account
this took 48hrs to receive the money, so he was relieve, then he suppose to receive his check the following week and everything will be fine, so the day came, when he will go for the check, he told me that he will get the check and wire transfer the money to Mexico to his business account, this will happened on Thursday and he will return to Mexico on Saturday.
The Thursday arrived and at noon I received voicemails of him very upset and frustrated sending me a letter of the Turkish government, where it says that since he receive a money he will need first to pay taxes so he can collect later the money (you can see the letter that I received from him).
And he ask me again for money, I told him I could not help due was a lot of money, there was no way, he ask me if I know someone that could give me that amount of money, may be my parents or someone, I told him no, I told him to call his exgirlfriend with the rich boyfriend and ask for the money in between he received the money from his check, he was very upset and ask me if I can go to the bank and ask for a loan, a big one, to cover those $25,000dlls, I do not know what happened to me, I thought that was real and that will be only a matter of weeks and I will have the money back, I had good credit history and the bank will give me may be all of the money. So I accepted and went to the bank to get a loan.
The bank gave me the loan, after one week but it was not enough, so I used again money from other credit cards to complete the 25,000dlls, finally after almost 2 weeks more I got all the money and I was ready to make the transfer.
I forgot, before that happened, he proposed to me, since according to him he was madly in love with me, he told me not to tell anyone until he came so could be a surprise. Well the day came to make the transfer, there were a lot of issues with the bank and the accounts, he gave me like 5 different accounts due the bank was telling me that the accounts were wrong, but the issue was the cashier that was doing the things wrong, at the end I transfer the $25,500dlls in 2 buckets to these accounts:

After that I continue talking with him the following days, like normal, he will receive the money in 48hours.
Then he told me he got the money and will go to collect it pay the taxes and release his check, I talked with him and he told me everything was good, he had to pay an extra fee to expedite the check and wire transfer to Mexico, he went to the airport and pay for the airplane ticket, also his visa was expired and he had to pay it again and he was ready BUT we had to ask the landlord for a $4,000dlls loan he told the landlord that he will pay the money on Friday.

So he ask me if I can get more money, he will pay me that next Monday, I did not have any more money, but I just received my paycheck and told him, ok, I will transfer what I have and you will have to negotiate with them, you can pay the rest you owe when you arrive to Mexico and can collect the money of that check, Well, I transfer to:

This money will arrive on Friday.
Friday came and the money, he told me that the landlord was very upset because he did not have the complete money and he was in a real problem, He told me if I can get more money, I told him NO, that is all I have and he has to negotiate with the landlord to return to Mexico and pay him, he was all Friday winning with me that the landlord has his ticket (now we use electronic ticket) and he can not take the Saturday flight, that he was having conversations with the wife of the landlord and he can not leave if he do not pay them, I told him that if he keep him there will be an never ending story, he will have to negotiate, he return talking about the walmart cards if I can buy one, I told him that he has to come back, I do not have any more money, I had a little credit in another card I can give him the number in the case he need to pay something in the airport, well I stopped to receiving text from him and I tried to contact him and then call directly to his cell phone and then I received a text back telling me what is going on, that he was sleep, I told him that I did not know what happened that if he negotiated something with the landlord and will come back to Mexico on Saturday, he told me yes and he will send me the schedule on Saturday, then, he stopped texting and I started to receive alerts from my cell phone that someone was trying to use my credit card at not in Mexico, so that was weird the credit card was blocked and he could not make any charge, but after that he never answer my text, phone anything, he disappear, never came to Mexico, so at the end I was scammed for $31,000dlls.

After that I was emotional devastated, he used me, I was so naïve and stupid and I´m now in a financial hole, I owe everything to the bank and credit cards and now I´m in real trouble.
I went to the police to start a complaint, they send me to the Cybernet police but this is too burocratic and slow, I know the money is gone, I also went to the newspaper, they put my case at the e-newspaper and the printed newspaper and because of this the police is taking more serious this case, but I do not see any news about it yet. I already send the information to Tinder, (I closed my account after 10 days of knowing him), I also sent information to the embassy of Turkey in Mexico (no answer), and the Embassy of Mexico in Turkey, they told me that I need to start a complain as Federal case, so I need to do that, also one friend has a Polish teacher and ask her how to communicate to the cell phone company of that phone number to block it, since still in service.
I need to send this story and the pictures of all the dates sites.
This case appear twice at the newspaper.
I went to the bank to ask for help to get who or the video of who collected the money, but still very bureaucratic procedure.
I still need to contact the Polish embassy to know at least if they can do something about the cell phone or if this person really is a Polish citizen.
Profession: Foreign contractor (Civil Engineer)
Lived at Lublin, also we told me he lived sometime in Turkey, then he went to Seattle (also run a marathon) and Nashville, TN. For a couple of months.
He told me that his parents are dead, since he was young, his mother had a stroke and his father missed so much his mother and died after 2 years, he was at high school and the neighbors, a couple adopt him, but they also are dead now a couple of years ago. He was only child, he had a lot of girlfriends in his 20ths and 30ths, then he found love with a Polish/German girl and they lived together like 12years, she could not have babies and she left him for a richer man, now the ex-girlfriend lives at Dubai. He told me that he did a lot of crazy things for love, one was that we quited his job at Poland to go to Paris to be with her girlfriend because she moved to study or something like that. He told me he did not have any tattoos, but he will tattoo my name in this chest (what??), he told me that he regreated not to have a child and we agreed to have one of our own, so he was like the happiest men on earth, he told me that he loves soccer football, Chelsea, UK football, when he call me he always told me that we have to stop talking because he will watch European games and then he will call me again. He told me that he knew all Europe and his dream was to live in Bali.
He always told me to ask anything I wanted, and he always answer, also I thought he is well educated, since he told me things about Auschwitz and Poland history and culture.
He was always taking about be together and that he loves me and wanted to be with me and also to be part of my family with my daughter, this person, I think is the most low vile person in the world, now I need to try to learn about this and try to share the story to avoid more scams.
👿You are not talking to the person here.. you are talking to a criminal on a laptop

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