Friday 28 August 2020

JIMMY JAY MORRISON IS FAKE. Marc Gervais stolen pictures.

JIMMY JAY MORRISON IS FAKE. @jimmy_jjm @morjay060 @jimmy_jay_morrison_ Marc Gervais stolen pictures.


  1. I met this "FACE" of the real MARC GERVAIS in July 2018, on Instagram. We've been in contact, ONLY OVER THE CELLPHONE, for two years! When I found out the photo that he used was Marc Gervais, I confronted hi with it, he denied it all, saying one of his "guys" on the "OIL RIG" he said he was working on, made the account for him, he didn't know how to use "social media"!I can't make this story of mine short, so I'll just say this scammer goes by the name of Henry Tony Wilson, oh, and he's back on Instagram,of which my"fantasy lover" denied again! He's a master at manipulation, he wrote, he said, he cried how much he loved me the first few months, and then,Boom!The MONEY PROBLEMS BEGAN!Yes, I was a complete and utter fool. I was so enamoured with just a "voice" over the phone, never saw him on Skype, or any other visual apps, he said his phone was broken! He has excuses for every problem that came up and there were many, still are!He would never give me the address of where he's "supposedly" stuck in California, he wouldn't let me go to him, he promised me multiple times he was coming to me, but needed money for another "problem"! I have only myself to blame for continuing to listen to him, believ & trust him, but since late last year, his demeanor changed drastically. The calls became less and less, no more beautiful,long loving texts he'd send me everyday. I can't explain WHY I kept hanging on? I guess it's the same for all the women like me who were scammed... we wanted one thing, "THE ONE".who would love us forever! I'm not a stupid woman, but I didn't listen to my gut instincts this time, and paid very dearly for it. He still insists he loves me and he will be coming home to me, but he NEEDS MONEY TO PAY THE "LANDLORD" where he's staying since Oct.2018! I'm sharing this because I want every woman to see these photos and there are more, hundreds,to be very very aware of anyne using them. This scumbag preyed on me, captured my heart, with words he probablygot off the internet, although I searched and didn't find his particular way of writing. He's very well spoken, with a beautiful, sensual, sexy, warm voice that could melt any woman's heart in a few minutes of talking! He will tell you everything you ever wanted to hear, he will promise you the world, he will call you his QUEEN, his sunshine, his WIFE! His woman! He will charm and con you very quickly.Mine claims to be French,born in Paris. He does have an accent, but slightly, and sounds nothing like the usual nigerians, ghanans.He is a master scammer! To show how strongly he "affected" me, I STILL haven't blocked him yet! Some crazy little voice in my head keeps saying, "what IF HE IS TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING HE HAS TOLD YOU"? Honestly, I don't know what to do or believe anymore. I just want this person,to be "REAL",and to come to me one day!Please, ladies, if someone contacts you on any social media site, and these scammers are into every site in the world, DO NOT ANSWER! BLOCK THEM IMMEDIATELY! Or you will pay the worst price of all, financially, but more importantly, emotionally they can destroy you! Someday I will go public with my full story, in deep, detail, and hope it will help even one person. Thank you.

    1. NO HE IS NOT 'A MASTER' OF WHAT HE IS DOING... it fact he isn't seeming to do much at all to get money. USING THE STOLEN PICTURES OF CANADIAN, MARC GERVAIS (who has never been near an oil rig !)NOBODY IS STUCK IN CALIFORNIA OR ANYWHERE ELSE !

      YOU are in the hands of African criminals. The most cruel and complete greedy inhumans you will ever meet.

      What I do not believe really is you won't give them up... these are laughing at you! They really are. Do not send one more piece of money... Marc Gervais is often used by scammers. Look at the Followers on the fake Instagram account. Those are who you are in love with and in thrall too.

      This is often what I can't understand... WHY.. WHEN YOU KNOW HE IS A SCAMMER, A THIEF AND A FAKE.. HE ISN'T BLOCKED.
      Now if this was a bunch of African gangster thieves using my life for their own lazy, greedy lies and getting money for doing it I'd be revolted by them.

      THINK OF MARC... how do you think it is for him having to be used this way?

      No... he isn't a master scammer. Not one bit, he is a lucky thief who has a 'client' who won't say no.

      In real life this would be you in an abusive marriage. Then you would complaing.. this is online abuse and you are not wanting it to end.

      I simply can't understand that.

      Pardon my honesty, I HATE to see scammers winning.