Monday 22 August 2022



In a victim's own words.
I met Marcus Bean on zoosk on March 25th 2022. After a few messages back and forth we exchanged phone numbers and set up a date for a phone conversation. He no showed on that call. There was my first sign. I called him out on it, and he apologized profusely. Right there he pulled me in. We don’t always get apologized to so that grabs our hearts.
We chatted for about a week when all the sudden he’s in an airport headed to a job in Alaska on a rig. He had not mentioned this job in our conversations. I now know that this is textbook, but at the time I knew nothing about this. He continues to reach out to me via phone but states there is no internet there and he needs to transfer money from Olster Bank to the people he’s getting the pipes from. He asks me to help. He gives me the info to get into his bank account and before I know it, he’s locked out and can not get to his money. He needs a large sum of money and starts asking his friends and business associates. Their wire transfers come into his email (which he has given me access to). He raises almost all the money. He asks me if I’ll loan him the rest so he can get his pipes and get the job home and come home to me. I’m knee deep by this point. There is a huge pit in my stomach. I know this is wrong. It takes a good two weeks before I cave in and wire the money. I’m too embarrassed at this point because it’s so fresh to state how much.
During the 5-month period he professed his deep love for me. Telling me all the things I needed to hear. Made me feel special. Exactly what a widow needs. He was good, very good!
The pipes arrive and now he needs more money to get them out of Alaska customs. I tell him that I have no more money. He begins raising it and the wire transfers come in. He’s got almost all of it but can’t raise the last part that will allow him to get the pipes, do the job and get home to me. See how I got drawn in by him wanting to get home to me. I caved again.
There’s a lot more involved in this but long story short he was supposed to arrive in the SF Bay Area on Tuesday 8/16/2022. He told me he would come straight to me from the airport. He couldn’t wait to hug me and look me in the eyes. We spoke on Monday evening at 9pm at which time he thanked me for all my help and told me how he couldn’t wait to start our beautiful life together. I’ve not heard from him since.
I’ve been able to find a few of the pictures he sent me on the website as one’s he photoshopped his head on. The pictures I’m attaching I have not been able to find anywhere.
Thank you for starting your Facebook page to help victims. Although I no longer have a nest egg of money, it’s the emotional part that is the hardest to swallow. Forgiving myself for being so naive.
But I am a strong woman and will get through this. I’m on a mission to help other women avoid this.
Have a beautiful day….

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