Thursday, 25 August 2022


 Words from a Victim.


Hello, this person came to me through Facebook in May of last year with the name of Ayoze Martínez.

He told me a very moving story, he told me that he could not text on Messenger, so everything was through the hangouts application, he told me that he was in Yemen fulfilling a mission for La Paz, for more than a year I texted with the staff that arrived the day he returned from his mission and returned to the USA and as he was arrested, a friend of his contacted me saying that he was in the hands of the federals and that he he would call the next day .

He texts me and comes back with the same story I was anguished and worried I believed everything he told me unfortunately he knew how to do his job very well he scammed me with a very large amount.

Now I am in debt and I no longer heard from him he is in hangouts, unfortunately we are women and many times we are weak and these people have a very good ability to lie that we end up believing everything...

In one of the many photos he sent me I looked at his last name and I looked for him and I realized that the one in the photo has a beautiful family, his gaze does not reflect evil, the person who pretends to be him will soon get his punishment, we must remember that karma always comes... thank you for allowing us this space

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