Tuesday 9 August 2022

He is given the name ALLEN and the most far-fetched scammer stories. THESE NIGERIANS ARE BEGGARS

He is called 'ALAN'


This man they have as their 'bait' is supposedly working all over the world. He has a house in .... ( wherever you are, we have heard from several victims and in each case he has a house, for sale near to them. )
Now this is how ridiculous scamming gets..

He was supposed to come to (wherever the victim is), from Brazil and his taxi ended up in a CAR CRASH and the driver DIED.
He ended up with a damaged knee and sends two pictures from the internet showing a knee operation!

LADIES THIS SHOULD NOT GET ANYTHING .. come on. ANY story is accepted and not questioned. If you don't have the money the deeply begging scammers urge the money to be borrowed.. HE WILL PAY IT BACK, which we know is a LIE. !

They are also recruiting and creating money mules... just get the money honey and keep some to spend on yourself and send the rest on.



+233 26 7784371

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