Thursday, 14 January 2021

2021~ Real faces behind the scams.

 It is very common for a scammer to confess... to leave his pictures in the profile used and just not be bothered that you know who he is. 


Raizul Raizul Mohamed
or Daniel Brown as 
it calls itself 

is scamming using the 
stolen pictures 
Joe Cross.

Martin Blake
is a fake account
Ayomide Olajide
are scamming using
stolen pictures.

Alex Aiden
is a fake account. 
Okuboere Ken is the name 
on the account. This 
Nigerian confesses to 
being the scammer. 
(very nasty and racist) 

He calls hismelf 
Abbakar Robben

he is a Nigerian scammer
and uses the pictures
and name of 
Captain Rosbach 

scammer wants
video call
so you can see him. 

He is scamming as 
a young American and uses the name 
Joseph Williams 

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