Sunday 20 March 2022


U.S. Army Chief of Staff
GEN James C. McConville
There are times that my name and image have been used to fraudulently victimize well-meaning people.
My team reports imposter accounts to Facebook for removal, but I urge you to be smart about your online activity and learn how to recognize and combat cyber-crimes. You will NEVER receive a personal friend request from me.
I have a wife who is alive and well and we remain happily married.
If you are talking to someone claiming to be me on Facebook or any other platform, you are talking to an imposter. Be #CyberAware, look for the blue check mark to verify an account is real, and make it difficult for scammers to make a profit.
Report fake accounts to Facebook for removal using the steps below.
If you think you have been scammed, report being a victim at or email
Together, we can combat this growing problem for our military community and our Nation.

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