Tuesday 1 March 2022

Ok so they are scamming using Dr Pinto. 'Scott Alrahim Richardson Araali'! Or now Johnson Thomas! (Dalima Gaucho)


Scott Alrahim Richardson Araali
nice long and unusual name for Dr Pinto!
Oh but wait! Look here !
Scott Alrahim Richardson Araali
Lives in Scottland, Illinois
From Bolton

Now is Scott Alrahim Richardson Araali a common name in Africa... NO I DON'T THINK SO !

THEN AS I WAS POSTING THIS... I went back to get a screenshot and suddenly it is ''Johnson Thomas ''

Here we have some young males scamming as Dr Pinto! 😃

Using Pinto
johngary1860@gmail .com SteveJohn8462@gmail .com scammer using Dr Pinto. on Scrabble and communicated on hangouts

+13054239482 frankpaulo3500@gmail.com

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