Saturday, 19 March 2022

One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch Lorusso

 One Minute Warnings

Ones To Watch


If you have been contacted by these pictures you
have not been contacted by the person in them but by
the scammers that have stolen them.
You will be asked for cash/cards/goods.


  1. I was recently a victim of this person...whatever their real name is. This scammer went by the name Warner Wood didn't sound like a real name. He told me he was real and some scammy romance. I'm glad to say I didn't bother giving him any thing! Sad thing is he threatened to blackmail me

  2. They do threaten blackmail .. they may be scamming as a mature man but you are talking to a young African male... not mature and often stupid and cn get nasty.
    ANYONE that claims to be Military is never real.
    They do not do it. Real men do NOT go looking on social media to contact women.
    Every time someone says they are Military , in the United States or in a war zone , it is a scammer from
    West Africa with love words.