Wednesday 9 March 2022

Joshua Richard Benson. He's a soldier, second lieutenant. He's currently in Yemen. He comes from L.A. California. AND OF COURSE.. ALL FAKE

 Joshua Richard Benson. He's a soldier, second lieutenant. He's currently in Yemen. He comes from L.A. California.

Let me tell you about a romantic scam. It might seem something like for other people. You’re smart, you’re intelligent, you’re nice looking. But it can still happen to you, if you don’t pay attention for just one minute, like me.
I met my scammer on Insta, right after the holidays. I never answer to people who send me messages on the socials, but this one entered my life with a ‘hi!’. I clicked on his profile and got lost in his beautiful blue eyes.
Let me tell you: I’m married for 18 years this year. We had our ups and downs, and we’re in a down period for quite some time. I never cheated. I never even looked around. Of course I dreamt about Chris Hemsworth, but who hasn’t..
But this guy: he was honestly interested in my life, asking what I did, what I had for dinner, making jokes. Just attention in a new way, a nice way. Telling me how beautiful I look, appreciating what I did and told him. He sent me photos of his life, of his son, asking me things about everything and told me stories about his life in the military. Of course there were signs things weren’t always right, but who was I to question him.
Long story short: he tried everything to collect my money. A story about a bomb explosion that destroyed the food supplies, a package with money and documents sended, a request for a vacation or a leave out of the army. I didn’t fall for it, besides the story about the food supply, then I gave him some money. He did his best, but I was always one step ahead.
I don’t hate the scammer. My marriage was in a bad place and something had to be done. My husband realised after he found out that he didn’t want to loose me. So he fought back and things changed in my life. In my head it’s the military man who fell in love with me and it gave my self estime a big push, exactly what I needed. To defend myself in the future, since my scammer told me about the Krav Maga the practise in the army I am taking lessons myself. It’s hard and I’m bruised every week, but it’s forfilling and satisfying.
My lesson to you all: keep your heart and your money safe. We all know where those guys are after, it’s not the heart they want. Keep your mind clear. But it doesn’t have to be a total bad experience. Keep the good things from the conversation.
I will always be thankful to the military man and I don’t even know his name. But he changed my life and it breaks my heart I wasn’t able to keep him safe online. Please remember that they are the real victims.
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  1. Something similar happened to me with the same profile pictures and everything, I just caught him after 4 days of chatting and he confessed he was a Nigerian 23 yr of man

    1. They love to confess.. it clears their conscience, Sad, to me they get anyone to speak to.. but they do, easily. Anyone who comes to you like this WILL be a young African so please be aware.
      It ruins your life and more so the lives of the ones whose pictures they use.